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Monday, May 23, 2011

first award

wohoooo I'm very happy when I open this blog after my looooong hibernation, I surprised when I read da chat box, (actually I'd just read it after I post my previous-post, oh really bad blogga!) bcs I got a message from sari, she told me that I got an award. ma first awaaard! haha thanks to sari! wow I stuck for the moment *nggak deng lebay. but I'm really surprised by the award cause I think I'm just an amateur blogger (yah that's true) hmmmm nope, I think I'm a bad blogger bcs I often abandon this blog -,_- buhuhu.

kay, this is da award

ma first award :')

umm I have to give this award to another 15 blog, so I choose........... them!

1. maya
2. farah
3. azzmul
4. afina
5. dea
6. molik
7. ari
8. dite
9. rima
10. manda
11. icang
12. dino
13. ima
14. faiza
15. karina

wow 3 post on today! okaaay that's all for today, see ya on the next post. keep on reading guys! ;-)

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