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Saturday, June 18, 2011

the graduation

The graduation daaaaay!

my school's graduation held on June 15 th. this graduation divided into 2 sessions, the formal and informal.

The first session : Formal.

I wanna give you an info, why there are students who use the white uniform and there are some who use the school's batik uniform (bukan gara gara saltum ya!). each year, my school always gives appreciations and trophy to 49 students who got top scores on the national exam. the students who use batik uniform is the 49 top scores students. I was one of them, thanks God. but I always wanted to be one of the 10 top scores, but the fact is I'm only on the 15th place, yah, but I'm still thankful for what I've achieve. :-)

Second session : Informal

on this session, we didn't use the uniforms anymore, we change our clothes. and many of my friends look beaty using their dress, high heels, make up and blablabla. but I just use a simple clothes, with jeans, flat shoes, and I just use the powder, no blash on or lipstick or another 'girly' things. I think it just not so me if I use the dress (umm maybe it can be still tolerated) but lipstick? blash on? high heels? oh it's not so me! so, I just be myself at that time. I just use what I want to use. I proud to be myself.

So proud to be 49'11!!!!! ;')

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