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Saturday, July 2, 2011

the end of holiday :"(

Whoaa! it's almost the end of this loooooong holiday hiks hiks

good bye, dear

I'll miss you.

ah huh, on this 9th July, It's time for me to go to my new school. eerr.............. but thanks God it'll not study yet on that day, it just opening ceremony of orientation period or we call it MOS (Masa Orientasi Siswa). I hope I can pass this period well. hummmm.
wihiw welcome senior high school! wew saya putih abu abuers sekarang ehehehehe (~'-')~ ah ya my new school is SMA N 8 Jakarta. wihiiii asik asik~ \(^^)/ eh? I've already told you guys? whooops sorry, I'm too happy so it make me feels like I wanna tell you again and again mehehehe :-D

oh ya oh ya! I have a new info for all of you guys, start from when I use my new-senior-high-school-uniforms, I'll use veil. wihiww saya sekarang juga kerudungers mahahahaaa ;-D wah alim deh alim O:-)

so, the new me is, an abu abuers & a kerudungers.

kay, it's all for today, bye all!!!! wish me luck yaaa! ;-D

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