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Friday, August 5, 2011

a different.

seems like I already enjoyed my comfort zone for too long, so when the time comes and change it, I wasn't ready to face it. it's a new. it's different. 180 degrees different.
I know the consequence from the beginning. I know it'll be hard, it won't be easy. but I never imagine it'll be too hard, too heavy for me. honestly, lately I often shed my tears just only because I haven't been able to adapt in this new place, this new condition. ya, not yet.
I miss the old condition. I miss my old friends. I'm not ready yet to face this new condition. it feels like I want to turn back the clock, turn back the time, and then I found myself in my comfort zone, in my old place, old condition, with my old friends
I just hope I can pass this soon. I hope I can be stronger, and pass this life matter with smile in my face. I hope I'll get over from this condition and I'll find my new comfort zone, quickly. amen. ;'')

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