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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


OMGGGG it's already loooong time since my last posting!
I've been very busy from last november, especially from january. November-december I have to study for the 1st semester final exam. I got 8th rank in my class, even my score on exact lessons (mathematic-physic-chemistry) are suck. The lowest is Chemistry. I really don't like chemistry for sure.
And on January..... I joined one of subseksi (subsection) in my school or well known as subsi, it's like organizations below OSIS (the student organization). Subsi is an unique system of organization from my school. There are 16 subsi and we can choose one of them. I join Mesis or Media Siswa. Mesis makes magazine for my school, and also year book for the third class. And I choose Photography for my division on Mesis. It takes my time a lot, but I enjoy it :)

The most important thing that I wanna say is :


It changes everything :'') remember my post before kan? I don't remember the title but it's about my babble about the conditions in my new school. But now I already found a new comfort zone, and I really enjoy my school now :) Ya ternyata emang butuh waktu aja buat menyesuaikan diri dengan keadaan dan suasana baru. Iyalah semua orang juga tau, the thing is, I usually quickly adapt in a new condition. Ya mungkin karena kemaren banyak banget yang berubah ya, jadi butuh waktu lebih aja.
Okay, as an apology, I'm gonna post a bunch of my activity for about 5 months. Enjoy!

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