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Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Camera!

I already ask my mother to buy me some DSLR camera for about 3 years ago, when many of my friends bought it. But I want to buy it not because of trend, but I like to shoot photos from my friend's DSLR. And I think I should have one bcs I don't like to borrow things from others (gak puas makenyaaa!). I know now I can't take a great photos like my friends, a friend told me that I shoot photos without using feelings (-_- katanya gue kurang berperasaan -____-) but I know that she's right, but if I keep study the techniques, and sharpen my feelings, I can take a great photos like my friends too. My only strength on photography is I can see things from many different sides, or say that I can think out of the box (that's why I want to be an architect) EA.BGT.DEH.AH
So I bought DSLR Canon 60D for semi-pro photographer. At the first time I only ask my mother to bought me an entry-level DSLR, but my mom said that she didn't want to buy me another camera for next several years. Pokoknya intinya nyokap bilang "tanggung ah kalo belinya buat yg pemula banget, nanti kalo udah rada jago dikit minta beli yg baru lagi. Udah, beli aja yg langsung bagus" Berhubung masih pemula banget, gak berani lah gue beli dslr yang bener-bener buat yg pro, nanti malah gak ngerti sama sekali. Jadi akhirnya gue beli 60D yang buat semi-pro, tapi fitur-fiturnya sendiri kalo udah pro juga masih memadai lah hehe. Terus karena kalo beli 60D belom dapet lensanya dari sana langsung (body only) gue bebas milih lensa deh. Akhirnya gue milih yang 18-135 mm. Lumayan lah bisa buat jarak deket dan jauh. ihihihihihi
Ah ya, I bought this camera on January 22, two days before my birthday. So, I think it can be count as my birthday present tapi kecepetan 2 hari dikasihnya eeeeeehehehe.

So, this is my new camera!

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