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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Drama Practice

Hola! I just got home and I immediately take my laptop for uploading a bunch of photos from my camera, and make this post. Actually I'm really tired but my friends ask me for uploading the photos soon. I'm typing this post while the photos are uploading, the worst thing of uploading the photos is I have to wait until it's done. hahah
So this morning I went to Alin's house for practicing musical drama bcs tomorrow my class will perform this musical drama for music studies at school after friday prayers (ah ya, today is thursday but it's a public holiday so we can practicing). The title of our drama is The Reader. It's about a person who can read another's thoughts. Here are our photos!

The practice is done at 2 PM, after that we went to Mall Kelapa Gading (Alin's house is in Kelapa Gading) we got lunch at platinum. (y)

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