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Monday, June 18, 2012

About Comfort Zone.

Often when we already too comfortable to a condition, we didn't realize that we're already trapped in our comfort zone. I've felt it before, to be trapped at my comfort zone. And I don't want to get out from that zone, because it's too easy for me to be in it. So there are questions in my head : "why do I have to get out from my comfort zone when I already like and familiar with all of the things inside of it? why do I have to make myself uncomfortable for getting out this comfort zone and getting a hard time to find a new one? what if the new condition isn't better than now?"
Actually for my ages, the conditions will always change. Because I'm growing up, and there are so many reasons that makes the conditions change. For example, when I pass a grade and I have to go to next grade, I will have a new class. That was simple, but it still a change. I have to adapt to my new class. And it comes every year. But the thing is, it's not me who want to get out from my comfort zone. It's just because I have to get out from my comfort zone.
Back to the topic, why do I have to get out from my comfort zone?
So I googling, and searching for the quotes with 'comfort zone' words within it. (it's an easiest way for me to get the answer of my question hehe) and I got these quotes :
Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new. -Brian Tracy
If we're growing, we always going to be out of our comfort zone. -John Maxwell
Yes. That's the answer. We can only grow if we try something new. Try something different. Try to conquer new challenges. If we want to go to the tenth grade, you can't just stuck in the third grade right? Stuck in our comfort zone will make us avoid the risks, and it will make us hard to find a new chances. So, if you want to grow, just move out of your comfort zone, find a new one, then move again, and find a new one again. It will make a significant progress. I won't say it will be easy. You will feel uncomfortable, worried, doubt and many more. But it is a common, bcs all new things or conditions bring discomfort. I, myself, dislike a new condition very much, but now I realize that new condition is a really important component for me to develop myself. So, even I hate to move out from my comfort zone, from now I will try to screw up courage to get out from my comfort zone :-) (y)

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