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Saturday, June 2, 2012

OMG I love you so damn much, XF!

So, June is always be the saddest and the happiest month of the years in school life. Happiest, because the students will go to next grade, but the saddest part is, the students will be separated with their class.
Honestly, I already love my class now. The classmate, even the classroom. Whereas about a year ago, I really don't like this class. But the fact is, spent a year with them really make me love this class. XF.
The photo above was taken on last Wednesday, May 30th. The day before, my friends already asked me to bring my camera, for taking the last photos in the class. That day is the last time we studied together in our lovely classroom, because the following day we're gonna face the final exam. It's really sad to know that that was the last time we studied together. I will miss the time when teacher explain the lesson and then the boys  respond it with funny joke, and then we're all, include the teacher laughed together and the atmosphere change from serious to exhilarate. Actually, I've never feel the serious atmosphere when the teacher explain the lesson, because the boys-especially the four naughty boy-always make jokes, whether it's funny or not. The only condition that make the atmosphere of the class turns to serious is when the test held.
OMG I'm really sad that we'll separated soon. Time is running so fast, eh? Seems like we're just met a month ago :/
I just want to thank to all the members of XF. Thanks for coloring my days, thanks for the supports, thanks for the happiness, thanks for the memories, thanks for all.
 I can only hope, we will pass the last exam well, get good scores in our report book, all of us go to the next grade and no one left, accepted at the class that we want whether it's science or social, and keep  fighting to catch our dreams. Amen :'')

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