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Saturday, September 1, 2012

What should I major at?

Hi readers! Hi September! Ya, I'm back after a long hiatus. It's shocked me a bit when I open this blog just a minute ago and my last post dated at 1 July 2012, two months ago. Time goes so fast, eh?
There's soooo many things that happened in two months, but seems I can't write it now because 3 days from now I will face my first physics test in this grade, and and I want to get good score so I have to study (very99x) hard. This is the time to get serious, to study hard, because who will get the invitations from the best university in my country determined from the report from this semester. And I really want to get the invitations from ITB, but until now I still undecided what should I major at. It's between SAPPK (it's about architecture and city structure) or FSRD (faculty of art and design). Ya, I'm a person who likes to sketch and draw and design something so I think I will enter one of it. Even I capable  to learn technique, like oil industry, but I don't like it, I don't have passion in it. Oh and I REALLY HATE CHEMISTRY study. I don't really like physics too, but it's still better than chemistry. And thank God I have open minded parents, they support me,  they know what I want. Many of my friends who like to draw forced by they parents to take technique and doctor, because they think they can't be a success if they take art study or that type. (Many of Indonesian people still think like that, they don't think about what's the interests and talents of a person, they just think that people who learn technique or doctor or economy or law can be the success person, and the others is not. Weird isn't it?)
If I take SAPPK, of course I will take architecture study because I don't like the city structure study. Actually, I don't like the job prospects, not the study. If I take city structure, it means I have to work in local government, and I don't like to work under the auspices of the government. I want to make my own business. While if I take architecture study, I still confuse how to make my own business from the beginning. That's why I consider to take FSRD (even sometimes I think that I'm not artsy enough to be in it, but... just think positive). If I take FSRD, I will take the Interior Design study, and I think it will be easier to make and build my own business, realized that I'm female, it's not too heavy and more specific. I can make a furniture business with interior design service in it or........ yah and there are still many way in my brain if I want to make my own business. And once again, realized that I'm female, it will be more easier to build and grow that business than architecture business. It's different if I'm male and have responsibility to his family. But I'm female and will still have duty at home (isn't my way to thought is too old-fashioned? But I still think it's true.) But it just a sketch on my mind about my future and I'm still a labile teenager, so I still can change my thought (for about one and a half until two years from now) before I choose the faculty, because if I already choose a thing, I would seriously explore it.
I'm just a 16 y.o. girl who just want my future planned, planned by myself, with my own way, so I will enjoyed it and not forced about it and I can find my own happiness. And once again I thank God I have parents who always support me, everything I choose (as long as it's good for me). So now, it just me who have to decide what I want and my way about my future. :)

Okay, change the topic from the heavy to the light one haha. I just watch mtv asia and I hear this song from mtv push : Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men. And I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally love this song! The first debut of this band is on 2010 so it's still a new band and I like this band too! I think now I'm a fans of this band! (Just read this band photography in mtv asia website. click here) huhu they're cool right? I like the video too haha because I like all about fantasy-things. Just watch it below

Love it!

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