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Friday, November 2, 2012


Wew it's been two months since my last post. School has confiscates my free time, and makes me almost crazy about study, tests, and scores. And just fyi, tomorrow my mom will go to school to take my mid-term report. And now I can just say boam, I don't care anymore. I just like one study from sixteen, art. It feels like I'm walking on the right track. And this is the only study which I always get 90 or more haha:)
I like all the things about perspective, painting and many more. Last Wednesday we learn about pencil painting, and we have to make a painting with two cylinder things for the object. And when my teacher saw my painting, he took it and show it in front of the class and said "this is the right one" hahah it made me wanna fly. Too bad this study only ONCE a week, while maths chemistry physic and biology THREE TIMES a week for EACH study. Kenapa sih Indonesia gak ngikutin sistem negara luar aja yg penjurusannya udah jelas dari awal, maunya apa yg dipelajarin apa. Terus kalo gue mau jadi interior designer gue perlu belajar laju reaksi? atau berapa konstantanya pegas? atau sel-sel hewan? atau..............etc (gak selesai-selesai nanti)

OH AND YOU HAVE TO KNOW THIS! Seems like I already 80% sure that I will take faculty of art and design :) After considering many things from A until.... um not until Z, not yet, I prefer to take it rather than faculty of architecture and city structure (read my previous post for a lil info why I'm considering this two faculty) But it is not permanent, I still can change my thought but for now, I prefer FSRD. Haha wish me luck ajadeh, semoga bisa dapet undangan amin O:-)
And you have to know this to, now, every saturday or sunday, I watch a movie on the dvd (usually with my mom) And I decided I will continue this activity because I think that's a way for me to refresh my brain for a while. 

ps : sorry for the title, I don't know what should I put there haha:D

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