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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Wanted - I Found You & Summative Tests.

So I'm on summative test weeks, tomorrow schedule is Bahasa and Deutsch, but after 4 days of tests counted today, there is no score I got as I expected before. So I feel so disappointed and it make my passion-to-study goes away. So now I'm in front of my laptop, opening youtube, blogging, googling and do another thing accept study:) 

Ah btw I'm addicted to the song above. I Found You by The wanted(y)
The Wanted!!!!! Too bad I can't watch them when they went to Jakarta last September huhu:(
I really like part when Nathan winked to the girl after he takes the key haha super cool. Kece abis.

Rada gak suka deh sama video klipnya, kecuali yg pas si Nathan ngewink itu, habisnya gitu deh ih, tapi lagunya enak bgt jdgmndong.....

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