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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Finally, 2 0 1 3 .

Whew! finally it's 2013. Let's see 2012 movie and we will laugh at ourselves haha.

So there are plenty things that I've done since my last post.
Here's the list :
  1. Took my 1st term report and the result is not-too-bad and my score and rank is increased than the previous one. I can say it's good but it's still not good enough I think, but I'm still thankful for what I've achieve
  2. Watching 'Habibie dan Ainun' movie with my classmates and found myself cried and a bit galau haha
  3. Accompanied my mom to go to midnight sale
  4. Long holiday! 1st term, christmas and new year holiday. So me mom and sist decided to go to Jogja for 10 days from december 24 until january 2. Many places that we visited there but the most memorable one is when we went to Merapi Mountain to see that mountain after it's most tremendous eruption on last 2010 using Jeep.
  5. (finally) watching 5cm. with my cousin at... I don't remember but it's about >2 weeks after it's first played.
  6. Read Inheritance by Christopher Paolini (the last book of Inheritance cycle. I don't really like the ending. Why Eragon have to leave? or at least he leave with Arya.) and Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan (after it became dusty in my bookshelf) and now I become a Greek mythology geek and planned to buy books about mythology.
  7. Oh and I got worst new year's eve ever because I'm still in Jogja and confused where I have to go and I didn't want to go to malioboro because it would be too crowd and I don't like noisiness and evidently it rains that night so thank God I didn't go to that place. Finally I just went to restaurant near my Grandma's house and had dinner there with mom sist cousins uncle aunt and grandma and it was only until 8, so I set my alarm and slept until 11.30 and made new year resolution even I know my last year's resolution gak-ada-yg-terwujud. I made the simple resolution, not like the previous one. It still hard for me to achieve it but it more like.....possible for me after considering my school and courses schedule and my condition. And I just realized that 50% of my resolution is about my school achievement (OMG why I become so ngambis gini sih...) after I signed it haha-_-
  8. Back to Jakarta and having sleep-watching tv-in front of laptop all the time, like now.
Okay, I think it's enough and I'll go packing because tomorrow I'm going to Singapore. Actually the holiday is ended 2 days from tomorrow, but I'll skip 3 days of school haha isn't it good to breaks rule sometimes? :) bye!

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