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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Hola! So I was back from Singapore a week ago and the next day I went to the school. At saturday I have to go to school bcs there was an event and I have to take the photos of the event for documentation. My mom pick me up from kosan(I don't know what is it in english, rental room, maybe?) on Sunday but she had to go to met her friends at Kelapa Gading so my she drop me at MOI--Mall of Indonesia-- that near from her place until 6 PM and reach home at 9 PM and the next day is Monday and I have to go back to my routine which means study at school. So I didn't have time to take some rest for my body since I back from Singapore until yesterday, there was a big rain over Jakarta and Bogor and approximately at 6 PM floods come and soaks my lovely-but-sometimes-makes-me-crazy school and this morning about 4 o clock my mom got a message from my school that today the students learn at their homes because of floods and for me it means a holiday (y) so I finally have time to take a rest yeay!!!

Okay just forget the paragraph above and all I want to say now is I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS SERIES BY RICK RIORDAN. Yea I know it already outdated but still, I have to give thumbs up to Rick Riordan--I hope my history teacher followed your way become a novelist bcs the I don't really like the way he teach--hehe. I read the novel in bahasa Indonesia but I want to read that series again with it's original language which means English. But it hard to find it in Indonesia and if I found it the price is too high so I have to saving first. Actually when I visited Singapore I already searching for them but too bad there were sold out. OH AND I WAS SEARCHING THE HEROES OF OLYMPUS SERIES TOO! But, again, there were sold out. Actually only the first book that sold out but how can I understand the second and the next books if I didn't read the first book first? It will be easier if I bought the Indonesian series bcs it really easy to find here I think all of the bookstore here sell it but I want to buy the english version. Why? first I want to read the books with original language bcs I think it is more.... exciting. Second, mmm... my mom asked me to improve my english, bcs my grammar is bad. Haha.


Percy Jackson and the Olympians series :

The Heroes of Olympus series :

Siapapun beliin kek, bentar lagi ultah nih. #eh

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