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Sunday, February 3, 2013


January 24th is always been a special date for me since I was born. The date when I was born and the date when I celebrating my birthday every year. Many years ago, when I was child, and I'm the first granddaughter of my grandparents from my father, the second from my mother, and the first child of my parents, I got lot of love, lot of attention, lot of facilities, lot (since they were still on their heyday). They're almost always granted what I want. And also my birthday, they're always make an event for it. Different from mine, there are no party for my sister's birthday.  I don't remember until what ages when they are stop making a party for my birthday, but there's always a birthday cake for my birthday until approximately 5 years ago, because they think that I didn't need it anymore.

Yes I'm growing up, and along with that, many things change too. Ha ha it makes me cry a bit when I remember how time goes so fast and suddenly this year I'm 17. Sincerely, every time when I hear age of 17th I always feel that a special age (yeah I know it a special age indeed. We will have KTP and SIM and we can drive car and considered as adult) but 10 days ago when I celebrate it, I didn't feel there's a special things or whatever. It's still me, and nothing change.

Did I already told you that January 24th this year is coincide with Mawlid, birth of my and all the Muslim Prophet? Haha so last Thursday at my birthday is a public holiday. So happy to know my 17th birthday is the same date with it :)

Before my birthday, I always think what present that I will ask to my parents or grandparents. What pops in my head is like 'a huge birthday party at the five stars hotel!!!!!!' or 'an apartment!!!!!' or 'a car!!!!!!' or 'a set of new gadgets!!!!!'. But a week before my birthday, I talked to myself (oh I often do this, asked a question and answered it myself and sometimes I got a brilliant thought when I do this) and I agreed with myself that I didn't need those things at all. I just need a more mature me, a more tough me, a more intelligent me to face this world and reach all my dreams. Oh and about dreams, I have new dreams, but it's kinda  take more time if I write it on this post, and I have to get ready to accompany my sister to a piano concert because my mom is in Hong Kong now huh:|  Back to the topic, so I didn't ask anything to them. Isn't it a kind of a more mature thought of mine? ahahahaha.

p.s. : But I still want a car..............

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