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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Epic date, epic flood.

Approximately at 10 in the morning, flood came and soaks my school. Actually the flood already came from about 9, but it only drown the field. But the water is getting higher and higher and suddenly it enter the classes and (of course) disturbed the learning activities so the teachers announced that the students have to back home. I regretted why the announcement didn't come faster, because it already too late to asked students to back home when the flood has reached above the ankle. My foot a bit tingle because of the water, the dirty water. When I said dirty, it really means dirty. There are cockroach carcasses, rubbish, until rat feces and many more things that I didn't or can't see. But this is the first experience for me, flood came when I still learning, and back home because the conditions not allowed us to continue the learning activities hehe. Because it a new experience, not only me, but many of my friends or I can say it almost all of my friends, so it made us kinda excited and took many photos with the flood as the background haha. 
Still, we're just a teenager right?

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