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Sunday, February 17, 2013

When I Was Your Man

Huhuhu it makes teary every time I listen to it, even actually it's a song for men but I think the girls will feel sad to but I think not as deeply as the men. "You will never really realize what you have until it is gone" sincerely, I hate this quote so much, but it's true.

Change the topic, lately I was thinking of buying a guitar since I'm getting bored with piano, but when I talked to my mom she didn't agree at all because she thought that it's not my priority to buy it, and I have to finished my 6th grade first. But I'm not ready for it............. I already searched and compared many guitar models to find the suitable one for me. I think I would buy an acoustic guitar instead of classical guitar, because the neck is narrower than classical one, and I think it more compatible with my small hands. But I don't know whether the steel strings will hurt my fingers or not. I learned violin once, and it hurts my finger a bit when I played it for a long time. So I think I will use plasters if it really hurts. But I have to pass the piano exam first if I really want to buy it huft:(

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