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Sunday, October 18, 2015

childhood memories

like i said in my previous post, that i love to write on test weeks. it's proven since i'm on my midterm test weeks and i'm here writing this post:-)

i think i've always thinking about unnecessary thing every time i face the exam--well i think it's my way to avoid the stress (hopefully not to avoid studying). and my thought now goes to my childhood memories. i am very grateful that i had a happy childhood, at least until i am 6, before i face the problems which big enough trouble me. if i think about it now, my life until i am 6 was like a dream, and after that i woke from the dream and started to face the realities.

mama and I

i raised in a housing that had a good neighborhood relationship, and i often rode bike around the housing with my neighbor at my age. in one side of the housing there is a lake, which is about 10 minutes walk from my house, 5 minutes by bike, and we often went to that side of the housing by bike. and i remember how we talked if we want to go to the lake, "jalan-jalan ke danau yok". actually we didn't really go to the side of the lake because it had fence around it and we, children, were prohibited to enter it by our parents. and because of our nannies always tailing when we were playing, and plus there were securities guarding the lake, so we didn't have opportunity to pass the fence. one day, my friend said that there is a white crocodile ghost at the lake (i don't even know where he got the story from-_-) and we all believed it and wanted to investigate it, played like a gank of detectives. and i remembered that we made a plan to deceive the nannies and the securities so we can enter the fence, but it never happened. haha so silly:")

my parents, especially my papa often read me bedtime stories before i slept (but sometimes he read the encyclopedias too, that's why i became very curious and skeptical when i was child). mostly the disney's stories. life seems so easy when we read all those fairy tales.

so what is the correlation about all of those thing in this midterm test weeks? 
suddenly i really missed all about the disney things and i started to listen all of the old disney songs a week ago while i study. and i intend to watch all the old disney movies after these exam weeks. so immature and silly of me:")

again, i am very grateful that i had a happy childhood to be remember of. thank you mama, thank you papa, i love you. and papa, i wish you know that i miss you so much.

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