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Sunday, February 28, 2016

thought of the day

i'm quite confuse when one of my friends asked me how much the tuition fee for my english course, and i said the nominal and she said "it's expensive!". i won't get confuse if it said by a friend that live a simple life. but guess what? she's got a nice car, a newest model cellphone from an expensive brand, she has so many branded bags and watches, and she is regularly shopping branded items at the mall.

then i'm quite, you know, got sick when one of my friends was phoning with her mom in front of me and she begged to her mom to buy her a new model cellphone. i won't get sick if her cellphone that time is too old, or severely damaged, or just broken that she can't use it anymore. but the thing is her cellphone is still in a good condition, it was just has few scratches, and it's still new model even it's not the latest one. i still can accept it at this rate because i think it's simply because she's very rich and can't stand to wait to buy a new model cellphone. but like my friend in the previous paragraph, when she asked me how much the tuition fee for my english course she said that it's expensive. even though the tuition fee is just 1/10 from her new cellphone price.

i worried that i am the freak one. but then i remembered some circumstances of my life in the past. back then, when i was on elementary and high school i had many friends that have a good cellphone, and high class branded items, while i just have a cheap cellphone and no-branded items. and i often begged and even cried so she'll buy me a good cellphone but she keep firm.

but now i remembered that i took piano course at that time. as i remembered it now, my piano course tuition is quite expensive since i took course in a good institution. and now, when i think about it, my mama actually can buy me those expensive things at that time, but she simply chose to spend her money for her daughter's piano course tuition. even though i'm not gifted at music thing but she still insisted that i had to take the piano course. i thought that it was because we're still on the tough financial condition so she had to choose whether to spent the money for my course or for the branded things. but now when our financial condition is better, she still refused to give me an expensive cellphone. she just bought me a decent cellphone which is can accommodate all of my need. but because i already used to it since i was child because of her, so i felt nothing, i mean it's not like when i was child that i was envy to my friend that has a better goods than me, it just that i already can accept that.

she never really gave me an explanation why she do all those things but as i grow up and the brain has worked properly (?), i realized that she never refused to spend money on something that value added, or investment. but she always refused to spend money on something non-value added or just for prestige purpose only. 2 years ago she said yes immediately when she got a good offer of a house, but she refused to change her car even though her car is already old (she said that it's still on the good condition, but now she planned to sell it and buy a new one since it's already too old that she afraid the price will decrease further if she hold it any longer)  so when i asked about this thing to her, woman to woman, she admit it. but she said she didn't want to give the explanation, instead she wants me to think about it myself based on what she did all this time, and to get used at it first. because she thought that it's hard if we want to lower our lifestyle standard if we already used to live the high standard one, but it's easy to raise our lifestyle standard if we have more money to spend.

i'm very grateful that i have a tough and smart mom. it's precisely like what her intention that now i used to buy something just what i need, not for boasting or satisfy my ego to have luxury. now i decide to follow the way she thinks about financial thing.

she said that she once read a syariah finance book and it's not right to spent money all for the investment without caring about ourselves, and make people think that we're poor when actually we're not. katanya istilahnya "fitnah fakir", lucu ya. taunya itu gaboleh juga. so we still have to spent the money for ourselves, caring for ourselves. but we just have to spend it wisely. for example, Bill Gates can get the most expensive clothes in the world, but he just not. he just use a decent clothes. decent, but not bad.

so, dear future husband don't get angry if i'm fussy about money when we're still on the way to the top. but when your face already enter the Forbes magazine, let's spend the money and travel around the world together haha.


hum okay lets change the topic and get relax for a while. let's add something fun to this blog haha.

i am waiiiiiiting for long and finally kung fu panda 3 is out yayyy (sorry it's kinda late but i have no time to post this to the blog like immediately haha sok sibuk). it's still not come to indonesia, not yet, but according to many sources it's going to be in the cinema soon! so we just have to wait hooray.

here is the #3 trailer:

haha so funny especially po's expression when he looks at his father's battle clothes haha (skip to 2:13)

can't wait!

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