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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Think about the future

I currently sit in my grandma's terrace which directly facing the backyard garden. It's heavy rain now, it's sunday so it's holiday, and i don't really have something to do at time so i decide to just sit in the sofa, make a cup of tea, and plug the headset to the cellphone so i can listen to the music from my cellphone. (Oh i write this post with cellphone btw). And this situation and atmosphere really make my mind blows to the thought of my future.

It's an interesting thing to think about the future. Interesting, but yet kind of scary. Will all my dreams come true? Will i be the person that i hope for? Will i be happy?

Many circumstances in my life really influence the way i think about what i really want to achieve in life. It's not money, for sure. I know it's kind of bullshit if i said i don't want to be rich. It's not what i meant. Yes i want to be rich because many things in life can not be done without money, but it's not my ultimate goal to be rich. Successful person? Yes i want to be a successful person. But in what term? I still dont know. But i think about that again.

I think i just want to be happy. But happy itself is hard to define. So now i'm just trying to define happiness in my version.

To make my parents proud
To send my mama go hajj
To go hajj
To be a sholehah daughter
To have a long-and-non-awkward conversation like at the old time with my papa
To go on interesting holidays with my mama and sis when we have time
To be an inspiring sister
To find my soulmate
To love and to be loved
To have a loving and sholeh husband
To build a small yet happy family
To be the woman behind my husband's success
To be a loving mother
To raise the kids with love and guidance
To read the bedtime stories for the kids with my husband
To play with my kids and husband every weekend
To cook delicious food for my family
To have an exciting holiday every time the kids have school's holiday
To go on date with my husband every time we have chances
To play the piano every time i want to
To have the passive income from any investments i've made (a.k.a. financial freedom)
To travelling around the world with my husband after the kids have grown up

To laugh a lot
To smile a lot
To be happy.

The rain is over now. It's time to face the realities again. Belom ngerjain tugas kuliah.

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