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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

well i don't know what to put here so let's just left it like this.

this morning my grandma said to me that my mama told her that she just saw a huge snake a day before and no one saw it except her. i was on the middle of breakfast after studied managerial accounting for the midterm test (well i'm on the midterm weeks) and i actually planned to continue the study but i'm too worried that i couldn't focus on the material so i just phone my mama to ask what really happened.

she told me that a day before when she was going to the office at dawn (she had something to do so she left home after subuh) and she was passing the housing road, suddenly she saw something lay accross the road. she thought that it was a branch of a tree that fell, but when she got closer, she realized that there was a part of the branch that curved upwards. and at the end of the curved there was a snake face!!!!! asdfghjkl so actually the branch was a snake and she said that the diameter is about adults' shank, and the snake is curl up on the middle of its body so it's probably very long since she saw it at the main road before the main gate next to the fence of the lake, and the snake was block the road and only leaving the space for a car to pass. so my mama said that she was swerve the car to the very left in order to avoid the snake. and because the snake position was on the right, she saw clearly the snake face. she said that it was strange because the face is beautiful and funny (well she actually said 'jenaka' and i don't know what the exact word for it), and different from the snakes' faces we saw at the nat geo wild (well yes nat geo wild is one of my favorite tv station and my mom often forced to watch it too haha) which is scary and evil and vicious. and the snake slithered very slowly (well i actually think if the snake saw the car she should think it's something dangerous and has to slither rapidly ya gak sih. but i don't actually know the theory if the snakes feeling threatened what they are going to do so i'm being sotoy. apologize. have to watch the nat geo wild more often. bye.)

and the most strange part was, so after my mama passed the snake and reached the main gate, she said to the security officer that there was a big snake on the road. and when she got home at the evening and asked to the same security officer, he said that there was no one saw it, and right after my mama said that there was a snake to him and continue to go to the office, a taxi reached the gate and the security officer asked to the driver if he saw a snake on the road since he passed the same road as my mama. and the driver said there was nothing!!!!!! asdfghjkl. well the snake was already back to the lake maybe... let's just keep being positive. but if it's not............................ so what she actually saw? bye bgt byeeeeee so scary. actually my childhood friends told me years ago when we were child that she was told by someone that there was a white crocodile ghost at the lake but i'm pretty sure that it was a lie story probably by her parents so she just not attempted to come near to the lake. and if it is true, the white crocodile story (which i am sooo not sure about it), it was never seen by someone who close to me but the snake was seen by my very mother omgomg.

well i don't know if it is related or not but lately i'm feeling so homesick and worried so much about my family in jakarta. it's like i have a bad feeling. and this snake story successfully makes me worried even more, even i couldn't concentrate when i was doing the test today. and i'm being so bad mood because i wanna go home badly, even after i've gone with my close friends to a place to eat which sell porridge that has good taste in my opinion. but the saddest part was my appetite still not go away even i'm at the bad mood mode. and i finished one bowl of porridge which is stressing because it is very rare for me to finished a normal portion of a restaurant dish because it's too much for me. well i think it's because of the period. (my appetite is grow stronger when i'm in on my period or pms oh damn damn damn)

well, after all maybe there's nothing really to be worried about and just pray that it's because i'm in the middle of the period (damn you period!) that i'm overreacted and worried too much and being so bad mood because everything. but it's not an easy thing to deny that you are worried if deep down in your heart a small voices said that there is something wrong.

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