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Thursday, June 9, 2016

gifted vs hardwork

The two videos above are two of my favorite songs when i play the piano. The songs above are different from the original version --and the one i play-- since the author played it in a concert, and it is brilliant i think. I like Yiruma's songs since it is simple but it is full of... feelings. I don't know what to describe it in an exact word. I hate it when one mall in the city i lived now--am***z-- often play Yiruma's songs even in the toilet too-_-.

Piano has been my best friend since i was 5. My mom and dad register me to a music school near my housing after i ask them because my idol that time --sherina-- played piano at the movie which was famous that time haha. Although i am not gifted at music and sometimes getting frustrated when i learned a song, i still love it. So basically i can play the piano because of the hard work, and not because i am gifted.

It is sad when you and your friends learned from the same teacher, learned the exact same materials but she turned out to be a great piano player and you just can play a song or two. She can play the song the second after the teacher gave the sheet and can improve it beautifully at the same time, when i can only play like a baby learns to walk. So, I have to work harder that the one who is gifted. And therefore piano has taught me how to endure on something for a long time, not to give up easily on something, the process in everything matters, and we can't just blame and run from something because of the conditions. We have to face it and solve it. I might cry when i fail on something, but it is okay, i just need to wake up and try again. And also my mom always says that our responsibility is just to try, the result is not in our hand. If we try, there is always the possibilities that we might succeed. But if we don't even try, there are no such possibilities.

Speaking of which, now there is a piano at my campus. It is steinway & sons grand piano omgomg!!! Sadly the room is only open when there is an important event or just in special occasions. But i still take advantage of it hahaha i play it sometimes. The thing is why it has to be the steinway & sons when it is barely used? Mending tak bawa pulang:(

My friend told me once that my face looked 'plongo' when i played piano. He gave me the recording of me when i was playing piano and yes i saw that too. Then i try to control my face when i play, but i was and always fail. It is difficult to control your face when you try to enter your soul into something, in this case is the song. Sometimes when i play the songs with all my heart and i feel my soul and the song's soul become one, i feel like i am in oblivion. I don't think anything, and just feel the song and the piano on my fingertip. It is weird when you like your face least when you do the thing you like the most. But i don't care. Music is supposed to be heard right? It amuses ears and hearts, not the eyes.

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