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Saturday, June 4, 2016


Weeks ago, my department at my organization held a psychological test. Well it was actually an annual project to help the students in my major to choose the concentration based on their skills and wants since many of the students kind of galau mau ambil konsentrasi apa. So the test result was already out and i took it yesterday with 2 of my friends after we had the basic anthropology class. Well actually it was illegal to held class at minggu tenang (i dont know what the english term sorry lol) but idk the lecturer insisted to held the class.

The result said that i am fitted in finance. Well it was as i predicted before so nothing special about that. The shocking one was the test result was accurately read myself, my personality. And when i read this i already know it but it was like.. well you know it was you actually but you never describe it by words kan so it was kind of amusing to read it haha

There was a line which is kind of confusing but it was so me so i just understand it. Maybe it was hard for other people to understand but hello this was me so i just know it. The stupid thing was my superior at the organization didn't believe about the result and he afraid that all of the participants got the same results, or just similar. When i text him a sentence or two of my result, he said that it was similar with his result and he didn't even convinced when i said it was different since it was really accurate to read myself and it was not the same as him. But then he sent his result cuy he took a photo and sent it to me so i had to give my result juga which was kind of stupid thing to do actually. Keong. Semoga amanah aja lah.

But you know, reading your personality which already organized by words really help you to know yourself better and what you should do to make yourself better. Maybe the indonesians are now still not used to come to the psychologists not like in the developed countries which is already become habit, but i think it is important for the people to understand themselves psychologically to develop themselves and then become a better people to contribute to the nation.

Btw you guys must already know the saying 'amanah tidak pernah salah memilih pundak'. So days ago i accepted a position in an event which is so crucial since its job is responsible to the event's funding and held relation with the companies. And now i feel like i doubt that i can do it. Omg i almost did stupid thing today since i almost told a friend about this when the comvis at the afternoon but then i realized at time that we're not like we used to. Well i just realized this after he won the competition and my friend also told me something with hard fact based. I did't know if it was true or not but if it was true i'm glad that i realized it, but if it was not true i believe that truth will always find its way out. It is sad but i appreciate him as superior (i often forgot that he is my superior since we're friends-_- apologize to him but okay i will keep in my mind from now on). Untung gak keceplosan-_- Despite the test results in iq section classified i am bright but i think i often do stupid things. Okay back to the topic.

I took this position because it is challenging and it is value added for myself. I have no experience in it so it will be started at 0. And now I started to doubt myself. Well maybe i am pretend to be okay -- kalo kata test result i tend to memendam perasaan which is said TWICE, nice i already know it so you didn't really need to repeated it actually-- but actually i am afraid. And i think this worries infiltrate to all of the cells in my body so sometimes i felt like my body is shivering when i think about it. Btw the trip is really making me sick since i have fever and headache because of the tiredness. But the happiest part was I finally met my mom but we only ate at the restaurant near the hotel where i actually wanted to watch aadc2 with her since i hadn't watched it. Haven't deng til this second. So late-_- Back again, Yeah i hope that i can pass it and do my job well and stress will not consumed me (but body i don't refuse if you want to be skinnier and loss some kilograms because this burden and stress, really) and i still alive until march 2017. Bismillah. Keep being positive. And i hope that the saying 'amanah tidak pernah salah memilih pundak' will turn out true once i finish this responsibility.

Oh well i forgot to write about a competition which is so konyol since it was held for the faculty but the enthusiasm is so low. And it turned out that only 3 people who competed at the competition, and there were 3 champions, so basically all of the participants got the prizes lol. But the thing was my friend and I won the 1st place jadi gak malu2in banget lah. I want to post the picture but my friend which took the pictures with his phone didn't want to give the decent picture and just gave the blurred photo since he looked lepek so i can't post it here. And i still didn't give the picture to my mom too-_-

Btw this is another random topic. So my grandma's sister in law passed away weeks ago and i'm so afraid and parno all the time after that. And now because of the exam  i have to sleep at the kamar depan (alone, not with my grandma) so.... yah begitu. But katanya kalo bulan puasa setan kan diiket ya???:( Jadi yaudah. Btw it is a day before the fasting month come so happy fasting guys! Another btw, this is exam weeks and as you know it guys i am become productive at writing at this period of the semester so ya brace urself (?)

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