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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Remember Why You Started

gangerti cara ngilangin tanggalan sama jam nya:(  jam nya ngaco pula

I feel like i’ve abandoned this blog for long time huhu apologize so busy at time:(

The second previous post is like i was just working in the middle of the holiday. Well, it was a fact when i was in the beginning of the holiday but it had changed after lebaran. I was enjoying time with my family, and i was hanging out with my old friends, both from elementary, junior high, and senior high. Even i postponed my timing to went back to jgj because i wanted to hanging out with my friends haha. You know they are your friends when they couldn’t accept that you are going to separate from them soon. There was such sadness, but also happiness when a friend said “jangan balik jgj tik, di jkt aja” and i was kind of baper gamau balik jgj.

But the most interesting part was when i travelled abroad with a friend. We planned to go to another island in our beloved country but it turned out that we went to other country instead. Haha so yaudah we kind of nge-bolang kayak anak ilang but it really kills!!!!!!!! Have to do it more often!!!

Because travel with a friend is definitely different from when you travel with your parents. Because we used our own money, we kind of think twice before spend our money. Idk but i think that because we are growing and we are soon to be a wife and a mother jadi we kind of kayak emak-emak yang pelit, but pelitnya ke diri sendiri sih sekarang hahaha. And i kind of finally understand why emak-emak often lebih pelit timbang bapak-bapak. The most often words that we used at that time is “mahal” “lemah” and “encok” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA then i often said “kaki gue mau copot”, while my friend said “pinggang gue mau copot” HAHAHAHAHA so girls problem. Idk but i didn’t feel pinggang gue mau copot tapi berasanya kakinya aja yang mau copot, maybe because of the different structures of our bodies kali ya gangerti juga sotoy sih. But no matter how much we were complaining, and our bodies encok everywhere, we were still going tho. Because every second that we spent there was money coy so we can’t accept by losing to our encok-ness!!!! HAHA perhitungan bet lah yaoloh. But izokay anak finance harus perhitungan.

We brought many cups of noodles but our hotel didn’t provide us the water boiler --probably because it was a very cheap hotel hahaha. Our room was sooo small, but it was clean tho-- so we couldn’t eat that and we just left them at the table on the last day hahaha.

I’m not a good traveller --since i can’t read maps-- but i like to travel. There are so many places in the world that i wanted to visit but yah apa daya my money is not enough to fulfill the dream for now. But i made the resolution at last holiday that i have to travel (decently) at least twice a year, once to a place in the country, and once to a country abroad. The indicator of decent here are the length of time, and the distance of the place. The resolution has already accomplished this year since i went to other island(s) within the country with my department last january. Hope that i can accomplish the resolution the next year, and it is going to be more awesome than this year.

I think that my department (it’s the new generation of the department so the people are different from the department i mention before) is going to have holiday together since one of my staff have kind of personal boat or cruise (idk the exact bentukannya jadi gatau istilah yg tepat) and she has offered me to use it for our department so i think it is going to be aweeeesome! Hope that i could see the jumping dolphins! --BTW I FOUND A VERY CUTE DOLPHIN DOLL at the country i visited before but it was so expensive so i was not bought it so sadL-- And the sunset! The sunrise! The falling stars! But after all let’s hope that it is not going to be just wacana haha aamiin.

Btw i kind of lost at last semester, i kind of forgot my target which i had set when i first chose this major. But thank God i remembered it at last holiday and i will chase the target again. And today i was having conversation with a friend, technically he is my junior and my staff who want to take finance as his major, and part of his target kind of same with mine. Senang lah ada yang seperjuangan.

So maybe this semester i am going to be busying myself to do my job (both in my organization and in event organizing) well, to held responsibility as a student and daughter, to focus on the target, and to chase my dream.

I also wanted to do some good deeds in this world, i always wanted to help those who are in need, especially the unlucky children. But because i still got my money from my mother so i think it is not wise to spent the money for them because i wanted to while my mother gave the money for me. So i decided to help them in a way that is not going to spent my money, or my mother’s money. I’ve listed myself as a volunteer to teach the unlucky child, it is not start yet but i can’t wait to teach them.

But above all i feel like i have to be a stronger person for all my loved ones, especially my mom and sis. I don’t really care what i felt as long as they happy. Well, anyone knows what’s the point of “step” in term “stepfather/mom/bro/sis”? Because i don’t know. But for me, it is like because we aren’t connected by blood so we need steps to fully accept them.

Idk what is going to happen this semester, idk if all that i planned is going to work or it is going to fail. But whatever happen, happen. Everything happen for a reason. But I just need to remember this when i feel like give up:

Remember Why You Started.


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