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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

7000 miles away

other side of Louvre at dusk

So i'm going to continue my last post with this post hehe.

Approximately about 3 weeks ago, i went to europe to participate in a business case competition, to be exact in rotterdam, netherlands. I was sent by my faculty with 3 of my friends, and we worked in a team. We didn't win the competition and i am very sad of it because we did good and we actually deserved to win (at least 2nd or 3rd winner), but too bad the pooling system didn't let us to go to final. But anyway i got so many lessons learned and i also made friends with participants from other countries, and it was more important than winning. So even though we didn't win, i'm still glad i participated in the competition.

After the competition, one of my team mate and i stayed another week in europe. well actually we only went to asmterdam and paris. But i think it was one of my best week in my life because i feel i discovered more about myself. Every time i go abroad, or new places in the country, i feel like i find something new about myself which i didn't realize before. So for me, travelling is not only to discover the world, but also to discover myself. 

I feel like i become a better person and i love myself more after those 2 weeks. 

When i was in the airport before i enter the plane to netherlands, i promised to myself that i'm going to move on from anything that are not good for me but i can't let go for a long time before i come back to indonesia. I forced myself to deal with those things that hanging in my mind and heart there. So basically when i went there, it was my very goodbye to anything left hanging in me. a very goodbye to my grief about something, a very goodbye to my anxiety about something, a very goodbye to a certain someone. I actually don't know if i succeed or not but after i came back, i feel more peaceful, and happier. So let's just assume that it did work.

After i came back, i become a joie-de-vivre-believer, and i seek balance in my life. i want to work harder to achieve my goals in life, but at the same time i also want to enjoy this life more. i want to discover more about myself, but i also want to discover more about the world. I want to love myself more but also want share my love more to others. This thought about balance life makes me, my mind and my heart, peaceful. I often ask myself what you seek in life and i always answer "i want to be happy". but happy itself is broad. it is an abstract concept and hard to define. I think that a balance life will give me a peaceful mind and heart and it will lead me to happiness. So if you ask me what i seek in life, my answer is this: i seek happiness, i seek peacefulness, i seek a balance in life.

I don't know if this a part of the effect of my deep thought about life or not, but after i went there, i really wanted to play and learn some sports. And i chose tennis. So by this friday, i'm going to start my tennis course with a friend (ber2 jadi lebih murah dong, haha), and hopefully it's going to be my weekly routine from this week until my last day in the university.

Alhamdulillah, for everything.

Wait for my next post about the detail of the journey!

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