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Friday, April 21, 2017

Jet Lag

This is a quarter before 3 in the morning and i can't sleep at all help this jet lag is killing me. Fortunately i don't have any class this morning (but i have presentation after soljum and also a class after that, and i hesitate to enter the class because i probably have to drop the class since i didn't take the midterm test because of the thing that i will explain later).

After these months i'm back dear bloggy, sorry that it takes too long. Well i actually write this post now because i still can't get over my jet lag yet and i feel so bad because i only went to the countries which have 5 hours time difference for about 2 weeks and i've been back for about 5 days. Lebay bgt gasih. Well i actually deny that i am in jet lag now but the fact is i really can't sleep before 4 in the morning so please i'm not overreacting this is the truth:( BUT apart from that i genuinely wanted to share this to my lovely bloggy who never tired to listen everything from me (well technically is not listen but just pretend it to be listen ok)

So so so so so i wanted to share my experience just 2 weeks ago hehehe so excited. So in the 1st of april i went to one of my favorite countries in the world, netherlands, to participate in a competition. i was one of 4 representatives from my faculty for the competition, and we worked in a team. The competition was very though, we only got 1 point difference from the 1st winner but because of the pooling system so we couldn't get to the final. I really can't accept it at first but that was the truth so i slowly accepted it, even though i was still pretty sad about it. IT WAS SO CLOSE BUT WHYYYY yaudalaya gapapa. Apart from the result, the competition was very exciting. I got plenty new friends from other countries and got the opportunities to interacted with them and also saw their presentations for the case. One thing that i knew after i saw theirs was we definitely have the same capabilities as them, and there is no way for us to feel inferior at them. I also got the opportunity to the europe headquarter of one of the biggest shoes company in the world, NIKE!. Well i had never become a fan of Nike at that time but since that time, i've become one.

Well right here right now there are 2 things, good and bad. The good thing is i'm getting sleepy now, The bad thing is i have to end to write this post so i can sleep. But don't worry i will continue to write very soon hahaha can't wait to share it with you my dear bloggy so bye for now. duh gaje bgt sih w

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